I never thought…

Thoughts are very powerful things. I realized just how powerful they really are a little over two years ago. For me, the issue is settled. A constant attitude of gratitude and a clear picture of what you want is all one needs to get the universe to cooperate. Now that I can clearly see the fruit of my constant positive, unwavering, thoughts, how could I ever discount it again?

My daughter is a beautiful, healthy, happy, vibrant little hell-raiser, and she is EXACTLY what daddy ordered. When we first found out that we were going to have a baby, I immediately knew she would be my little girl. Didnt need the doc to tell me, because in my head, I had already met my little princess. She would have big, dark eyes like her mom, and curly long hair, and she would be tall and well-built like her daddy. This was all set in stone before we even went to see the gyno.

So just what is EFT?

A couple months earlier, I was in Argentina finishing up (what turned out to be a championship) season, but also going through the most important journey of my life. I had recently discovered EFT or “tapping”, and it changed something in me. Its weird hearing your thoughts out loud. Whenever I’m stressed, I usually write down how I’m feeling, but I would NEVER read them out loud. For the first time, I actually said out loud how I felt about certain very private things, and I realized how ridiculous it was that I even felt that way. I could never justify that to my self logically, so why do I allow this to affect me in such a way?

It became painfully obvious that I needed very much  to change the way I thought about certain things. I had to be more deliberate in thinking about things that I want, in the way that I wanted them. So I put it to the test.

Up until the time of my awakening to the world of EFT, I had been having an admittedly, inconsistent season. It started with a flurry. The first four or so games were great. But as the extra excitement of just being back playing after so long wore off, and the reality of the travel, and workouts, and bullshit of a real season set in, my focus dropped. I found myself in a very familiar headspace: “When is this bullshit going to end, so I can go home?” Everything started to become a struggle, and by midway through the season, there was a very real chance that I could leave the team early and go finish the season somewhere else. But then, a breath of fresh air arrived when wifey came, and brought her newest insight: tapping.

We watched a video on youtube, by some guy, not even sure of his name, but I do remember him saying, “when you tap, say exactly how you feel”. It struck me as odd. “Why would he be reminding us to say that? We are essentially talking to ourselves, of course we’re gonna say how we feel!”

Points of Emphasis

But then I realised, saying it out loud to yourself, with conviction and meaning is not the same as typing it on a screen or even writing it by hand. Saying it involves the release of sound energy, and, it does something to you. I remember, at the time, I was having a problem with my back and it had really been bugging me. The guy on the video said, “if you want to get rid of something that’s bothering you in your life, tap on it!” I figured it was worth a try.

If any of you are unfamiliar with what tapping looks like, here’s a video of basically how it goes. It is based on the idea that as you tap and talk to certain places on your body, the action of the tapping and emotion you place behind the words causes a chain reaction in your body that results in release from whatever block you feel trapped beneath. Sounds weird, right? Like some hippy, mumbo jumbo shit right?

At first, I admit that I was a bit skeptical as well. But the more I did it, and the more I focused in on being grateful for my body (especially my back) strangely enough, I started to feel better. The weird spasms that would shoot out of nowhere and leave me stuck in the fetal position for minutes at a time, suddenly, weren’t as frequent. About a week later, and they were completely gone.

This result alone would have been enough to make me a life long believer, but other things in my life started to respond to EFT. I had been stressing about the money that the club owed me for months, I tapped on it, days later, they paid up. In FULL! I had been having a difficult time with the city and felt like I needed to leave, so I tapped on that. Interestingly enough, wifey and I found a part of the city that we hadn’t ventured into before. Totally changed our view of Buenos Aires.

Without changing a thing about our physical environment we were able to unlock this entirely knew realm of enjoyment. Who knew?

Thoughts are very powerful things. You would do well to remember this next time you think badly of yourself.




Why Organic Vegan?

I gotta say, I really don’t get vegans who don’t eat organic. Just can’t wrap my head around it. Essentially you are saying that you are standing up for the rights of animals to health and well-being, all which is admirable, but you couldn’t care less what happens to your own body?pesticides-caution-sign-s-2854

Being a vegan who stands up against animal torture and systematic extinction is great, but if you wanna talk about animal torture, have you visited the diabetes or oncology wing of your favorite hospital lately? I say “favorite” because if you are vegan but don’t eat organic, I’m willing to bet that you visit a hospital or clinic quite often.

You see, factory farmed food, though it may look the same as organic food, differs due to a slight, but very REAL, dose of pesticides. And unless you’ve been hiding under a fucking rock for the past 2 years, you know that pesticides in your food can cause a whole lot of shit in our bodies to go out of whack. Apparently, pesticides aren’t as safe as the chemical companies and regulatory agencies would’ve had us believe. Who would’ve guessed that?

So I ask you now, seriously, caring about the animals is cool and all, but, what about you?

The truth is, protecting yourself against pesticide exposure is reason enough to choose the organic option. The WHO recently published its findings on the potential impact of prolonged pesticide exposure on human health. And it’s pretty much what environmentalist and honest health officials have been saying all along: pesticides cause diseases that kill humans.


And that’s just one of the reasons to go organic. I hate to have to bring this up again, but, do you know the dangers of eating GMO foods? Doctors and scientists alike, all around the world are extremely skeptical, if not defiantly against GMO foods, yet as “vegans” we don’t mind? Prolonged integration of GMO gene disruptors in our bodies could produce the same sort of disease and suffering that the animals go through except we get to see it unfold in our own lives.

Is that it? Is your need to share the load of the animals so great, that you are willing to gamble with your health to show some sort of twisted solidarity? If you are, then I’m sorry, but I cannot follow you down that path. I care very much about animals and my own health, and to gamble with either pesticides or GMO’s is absolutely out of the question.

And last, but certainly not least, organic food is more nutritious than factory farmed food, so literally, it’s just better food. We have this misconception that food doesnt necessarily have to be nutritious. We just want food that tastes good. Well, here’s the thing; our bodies use a complexed balance of vitamins and minerals along with enzymes and hormones to function. When we do anything, be that working out, or even just sitting and reading a book, we use energy that must be replaced. Factory farmed food contains some nutrition, but is deficient compared to organic food so you have to eat much more of it to both feel full and replace the nutrients. It is literally wasting money, time, and causing you to get fatter, which causes you to work out more, which causes you to need to replace nutrients, which causes you to eat more, and we are back at square one. Tired yet?

I assume that you are vegan because you have made the conscious decision not to support the unnecessary murder and torture of innocent animals correct? Saving the animals is great, but don’t kill yourself in the process.

There are MANY healthy vegan options that taste great, but are also good for you. Being an ethical vegan is awesome, but for those of us who are trying to change the minds of the public into realizing that veganism is not only good for the animals and the environment but good for us as well, you aren’t doing us any favors.

You want to spread veganism? Be a healthy, vibrant, vegan for change. Its the only way.




People are FUCKIN awesome!

Whenever I get bogged down with whatever is going on with the world, I like to go on youtube and watch “Fails”. Yes. Fails. You know the videos of when people fall or trip or get pranked or whatever. I wont lie to ya. That shit is funny! We probably spend a half hour at a time cracking up at those vids.People-Are-Awesome

However, a couple days ago, wifey had the thought, “I wonder what would happen if any of these tricks actually went according to plan”? You know, like if the guy actually landed the triple backflip into the pool instead of clipping the roof in a rather unsettling fall? That’s how we found the page “people are awesome“, and I gotta tell ya, from the video footage, People really fuckin are!

Tricks and stunts that I wouldnt attempt on even the trippiest of shrooms (maybe…ahhhh, maybe not) all caught on tape? Yes. That and so much more. Everytime wifey and I “puff the magic dragon”, I sit there in awe, of the unbridled imagination it took to even come up with some of these stunts, let alone the courage/stupidity to actually attempt them. Most of the time I end up asking, “are they for real?” You’ve got little kids doing some of the craziest fucking dance moves I’ve ever seen, and I’m here thinking like, ” wait, how the hell did they learn how to do that?”

Literally, for most of the video, I cant believe my eyes. While I can barely complete a handstand, you’ve got kids doing mid-air somersaults and backflips with ease.  My most common phrase while viewing? “Get the fuck outta here!” Or, “no wayy that’s real!” Or my all time fav, “ok, im done. Seen enough! Lies!” (be sure to recognize that this post was categorized under “high thoughts” so…there.) You have to check it out. It will renew your faith in humanity.

I spend my days trying to sift through the inconsistencies that we consider normal, and most times, I find myself sad for humanity. We make shit so hard on ourselves. But these people. These people and their “tricks” will make you a believer. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s magical, but you should probably do yourself a favor and give it a once over. You won’t be disappointed.





What exactly is a conspiracy theorist?

Actual log from a conversation I had with a friend of mine:

Me: yeah… it’s crazy how this Zika virus just popped up out of nowhere and is now providing a convenient little wrinkle to this  population control agenda, right?

Friend: here you go again….

Me: Bruh… what do you mean?!? Check the stats. They released GM mosquitoes in Brazil in 2012. Then turned around and gave the TDAP vax to Brazilian women in 2014 and now they have this new virus (that the US government holds a patent for btw) just pops up out of nowhere? In the same place in Brazil where they released the mosquitoes and gave the forced vaccines? That doesn’t strike you as odd? You still sleep bruh? Better wake up!

Friend: yeah, I know. That’s crazy. But, what can you do? The government will figure something out. Did you see that All-Star game though?

If you’ve ever had to explain a “conspiracy theory” any of your friends, then you can imagine my face after having this conversation. It’s like everyone just dismisses any version of events that don’t fit the “official story” because then then it would mean that what they believe isn’t true.conspiracy

I’ve been there. It’s a confusing place. Such denial.

So we get labelled “conspiracy theorists” for not blindly agreeing with the “official” version of the story. But what exactly is a conspiracy theorist? And should we be stigmatized for questioning things that don’t make sense?

To find the answer to this, we have to look back into the 1960’s. Not many people know this, but the term “conspiracy theorist” was coined in the US as the CIA’s response to continued questions about the Kennedy assassination. It was meant as a way to attack/discredit anyone who was not satisfied with the Warren Commission’s findings after his assassination.

That’s crazy right? They actually made a term to ostracize people who sought the truth. Scoundrels.

This FACT alone should make any sane individual think twice about “official government business” yet, so many people nowadays stand firm on denouncing “conspiracies” as they feel it their civil duty to protect the carefully constructed narratives of their government.

And it’s not like there isn’t proof. Whistleblowers have shown their grit and many have come forward to share the truth about what they have been made to do. I say “made to do” because sadly, many of these professionals are just following orders. When they realize what they have been apart of, they try to make it right.

And it hasn’t been easy for them. Many of them have their lives ruined as a result of their testimony. But still, there are many people out there willing to die to promote a lie. To the point where they berate and ridicule those who aren’t willing to take the government at its word.

Activists all over the world are routinely being targeted and brutally attacked, but not by government or police, but by other civilians who feel it is their right to destroy any opposition to the “official story”. It’s heartbreaking. To see people who you once felt that you knew and trusted, go–out of their way– to ridicule your choices.  I’ve lost friends to facts. Can’t say that it doesn’t hurt. But you get over it.

As you grow, you realize that each person must find truth for themselves. We all awaken at different times. When you know better, you do better. So while others wallow in their ignorance, I will continue to question EVERYTHING. After all, a conspiracy theorist is nothing more than a truth seeker. And the truth can rub some people the wrong way. Luckily, the truth couldn’t care any less.

Stay strong truth seekers of the world. I am with you.




In 2016, if you aren’t vegan…you’re an ASSHOLE! (ALL LIVES MATTER)

photoIf you’re reading this, and eating/have recently eaten anything made with milk or milk powder (which is pretty much everything), you should probably know, that it takes 1200 gallons of water to make one gallon of milk. TWELVE hundred gallons. Not only that, but the cow, that was tortured and raped to bring you its “baby cow growth juice” is sick and miserable, and having a pretty shitty time in their cage, if they haven’t already been sent to slaughter. Now. How does that make you feel? Are you proud that a defenseless animal was tortured so that you could have your precious milk chocolate?

My definition of an asshole is someone who acknowledges they are in the wrong but continues on the same path anyway. So here are the facts; Climate change is the single biggest threat to humanity. Animal agriculture is the greatest contributor to climate change. In essence, animal agriculture is the single biggest threat to humanity. Not only that, but factory farmed animals are ill-nourished, beaten, raped, tortured, and killed all to promote an industry that is literally bringing our planet to its knees.

Now that you know the extent of pain and misery caused to an innocent, intelligent life form just to partially satisfy our overindulgent lifestyle choices, ask yourself; Am I ok with this? Because if you are, sorry to tell you, but you’re an asshole.

This is non-negotiable. Straight up, you’re an asshole. If you know about the horrors, death and destruction caused by animal agriculture, not only in regards to the animals we consume, but the ripple effect it has on our natural environment and resources and you STILL continue to defend and support animal agriculture, you’re an asshole. And a big one at that.

If you say you love animals, how can you eat them? If you care about the environment, how can you continuously contribute to the greatest environmental threat known to man? If you truly care about your health and wellbeing, why would you continue to feed your body the diseased flesh of a dead animal?

The reality behind the animal agricultural industry is lost to many of us, who simply stick our heads in the sand and hope that when we finally come up for air, everything will be magically fixed. Well, it won’t get fixed. Not unless we fix it ourselves. If we are to save our planet and ourselves we must start NOW. And don’t give me that “what can one person do” excuse. It’s degrading. Have you seen Cowspiracy?  One person can do a fucking lot.

Just by simply being vegan for a day, you save over 1100 gallons of water! And that’s the conservative estimate. You also save over 30 sq ft of land from being deforested. You also save the animals that lived on that land. Some of what I’ve seen is almost unbelievable. Animals are treated as pest in their natural habitat. It’s crazy to think about, but truly sickening to watch.

It’s as if it does not matter that this animal is a living breathing force of life. It is estimated that around 6 million animals are killed for food around the world every hour. We should think about this. We see animals as either pest we should exterminate or food we should exploit, without once stopping to think about the life we are ending. Life has become so cheap in most places, that we take for granted the ability to save one.

And the irony is, that as we continue to wreak havoc on the wildlife population we edge further and further towards our own mass extinction.

By simply choosing a vegan lifestyle, you save a life. Forget about the thousands of gallons of water saved and the land usage. You saved a life. That should be good enough reason to do it.

Kids want to be things like doctors, firemen, and policemen so that they can save lives and be someone’s hero. You wanna be a hero? Go vegan. Everyday, you get to save a life.

Or, you can be an asshole.

Choice is yours.







Above the LAW

I’m sorry, but it’s a bit strange for me to see all these stories about police brutality popping up everywhere. Forgive me if I don’t gasp at the sight of a civilian being “forcefully protected” by your neighborhood police pal.  To me, police were always brutal. As a kid, I either saw (firsthand) or heard police brutality almost every day. Literally. So when I read about police assaulting helpless civilians, it may sound insensitive, but, i’m not really fazed. To me, this is how its always been. To me, this is normal.

Growing up where I grew up, most people would consider it a blessing to live directly adjacent to a police precinct. Given the crime rate in my area, one would think that it would be the safest place to be in case of emergency. And it was. But that didn’t mean it was the best place to grow up.

You see, living so close to where suspects are “housed” immediately after their arrest, you get to see a side of the legal system that you don’t usually hear about in the news, or online, or anywhere really. I remember the screams of mostly young men my age or a bit older,  being mercilessly beaten by police officers up until the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes they would get so loud that I would have to get up and close my windows. Sure, it made the room hotter and more uncomfortable, but honestly, the screams were SO much worse. I remember seeing friends of mine slapped and kicked and punched by police officers after being picked up during (what i’m sure was an illegal) search for “controlled substances”. This isn’t news to me.

Many days, I would stand in awe as I watched from the basketball court as police would literally drag (while beating) face down suspects into the precinct. After a while, I didn’t even notice it. If I trained for 3 hours it would probably witness three separate beatings. It became, routine.


In my head, the system was always broken. Police officers have always been given way too much power over the civilian population. And don’t forget, cops aren’t a different species. They arent some super-evolved, morally forthright, perfect beings. Cops are people. People with problems just like you and me. But if I punch you in the face for pissing me off, its assault. If a cop does it during an arrest, it’s “necessary force”? I never got that.

However, I will admit the amount of deaths in police custody is a bit alarming. To my knowledge, not many of the abused I witnessed ended up dead. But at any rate, the prospect was always there. Cops always pushed the line, not sure of how much is too much force. I guess, as long as no one died, they were in the clear. Now people are dying and the outcry is to fire the police officers responsible? To me, that’s not much of a solution at all. They will just be replaced by new police officers with the same motivations. Protect and Serve? Nah. More like, harass and humiliate.

To me, the law has always been biased. Not to black or white people, but to the ones sworn to protect it. We convince ourselves that if someone is a protector of the law, that they abide by it. This could not be further from the truth. The most egregious lawbreakers in the world are the ones in the greatest positions of power.

Back home, we have a saying, ” the police are the biggest gang there is”. Do you know why? Its because most of the crimes in my small city are committed by criminals turned cops! Or cops that work for criminals, but I make no distinction. Think about it, if you wanted to break the law with impunity, what better way to ensure your success than become one who is sworn to keep others in line?

And im not saying that all cops are bad. Im sure some of them mean well. But let’s not forget that “…absolute power corrupts absolutely” and one cannot argue that the power given to police officers in recent years has become quite excessive.

Just look at the LeGrier story out of Chicago and tell me that the current system works? Here is an officer who was responsible for not one, but two wrongful deaths (essentially homicides) and not only is he not remorseful and asking forgiveness for needlessly taking the lives of two people, but he wants to sue the family of the victims because “his life will never be the same”? Does anyone else see the massive problem with this?


Cops taking civilian lives to preserve their own is NOT ok. Just in case you were wondering. When you take the oath to serve and protect, you are essentially agreeing to place your life in danger to protect civilian life, no? So how is it justifiable to sue the family of the person you wrongfully killed, for stress and trauma related to your everyday job?! You don’t need a Harvard Law degree to realize this case has no legs. Who would even agree to represent such buffoonery?

Seriously, how can we continue to perpetuate a system that allows the celebration of such injustice? We can’t. It’s time we redefine what “normal life” looks like.

We need a new system.



Starving for a win

I continue to read stories about once great athletes succumbing to chronic disease or issues with malnutrition, and it simply does not make sense. As a former athlete, I am stunned that there is not more focus on nutrition. No matter the level, if you aren’t getting proper nutrients to your muscles, they won’t work. Yet, we push ourselves to the limits and starve ourselves on top of it? How do we expect that to end up? Insanity I tell you. Insanity.

During my college career, I had a couple of issues controlling my weight. Actually it was more like controlling my partying, but that’s a different post, for a different time. My coach, being the good guy that he was, set up a meeting for me with a nutritionist to help me get it under control. We had a few sessions where we reviewed the “food log” she had me write over the course of a week and she recommended that instead of eating three meals a day, I should snack more often to keep my metabolism energized. She said I needed to eat smaller portions, but more frequently. I distinctly remember her mentioning “nutrigrain bars and other such healthy snacks” were useful. She said that they were good for me and provided the extra “energy” I needed to fuel my body to burn fat. Sounds like a plan doesn’t it? Especially since it was advice coming from a ” nutrition specialist” right?

Fast forward to the present and what have we learned? Experts aren’t who they pretend to be. And her advice was as useful to me as a shit flavored-lollipop.

Not only did it not help me control my weight, but I added sugar addiction to my list of “things to solve” in my life. What terrible advice! Where was the “eat more whole foods” suggestion? Or “cut out processed foods” tidbit? Athletes, especially younger ones need to focus on nutrition more than a normal person, yet we are advised to fill our bodies with shit? This will not be last post about this as it has been a thorn in my side for sometime now. All the time I spent with extra cardio and extra conditioning, could have been spent working on skills and quite frankly, ENJOYING LIFE!

I remember our pregame meals would always be centered around pasta, some sort of meat, and cooked veggies. And I ate that shit up because I thought it was necessary. Now that I know better, WHERE WAS THE RAW FRUITS AND VEGETABLES?!? Having a freshly made, organic fruit and vegetable juice with some fresh fruit and perhaps a salad, is the best fuel our bodies could ask for before competition. So why do we bother with the other shit?

I remember for a while, I used to skip pregame meals, or ask to eat earlier than everyone else. My coach and other players thought it was a bit snobbish but I simply couldn’t eat and digest all that heavy food before gametime. On average we used to eat about 4 hrs before game time. I needed at least six. If you include the breakfast you have before morning shootaround and the lunch you have right after it, that’s a whole lot of digesting your body has to get done in a short amount of time.

And that would be fine, if everything we ate was either raw or lightly cooked and made with organic ingredients. But they most certainly were not. And in most cases, they still aren’t. I used to follow ALOT of “high profile” athletes on IG and many of them post what they eat on match day. They would tag it “eating clean” on game day with a big smile and plate filled white or brown rice, cooked veggies and some sort of animal protein (insert sarcastic smiley). Totally oblivious to the lack of readily- digestible nutrition in their meals.

I remember being coached on everything that had anything to do with my life, from who I should spend time off the court with, to how I should cut my hair. But nothing (valuable) on how to nourish my body? If they aren’t stressing the importance of raw, natural, organic food, for athletes in school, then who is to blame for the consequences that follow? Is it ignorance or negligence? You do the math.



Time spent is NEVER wasted

leoThis is Leo. A really cool little boy I met yesterday while I was at the park with my family. It was interesting, because admittedly, my daughter hasn’t spent much time around kids her own age, but they seemed to hit it off quite well. At first she was shy, as it was her first time at this particular park, but she soon settled in. As I took pictures of my daughter and her mum on the swing, he seemed rather eager to get in the picture or offer a different place to take more photos. He was extremely excited when he I took a snapshot of him. With a huge smile on his face and the energy of at least 3 grown men, Leo was a big hit with my daughter.

It was funny to watch her follow him around. From swing to slide, from ride to ride; it was all smiles. That is, until my daughter got hungry. She gave her mom the “time to go” sigh and that was that. I was used to it, so I started to pack up. Apparently, Leo hadn’t planned on us leaving so soon. All hell broke loose. Dude freaked out. Started crying. Yelling at his nanny. A proper tantrum. But what was weird about it, was that he was trying to stop my daughter or my wife from leaving. He was focused on me. He literally tried to block the exit to stop me from leaving. Why me? Not today kid. I got shit to do today. Then it hit me. Im the only male here. He’s probably missing a male presence in his life. That’s why he was so eager to get in the pictures. That’s why he was so lively. Because i’m a guy.

Now, I don’t know this kid, or his parents so I can’t comment with any accuracy on their home situation. But, it DOES seem to be a metaphor for how our society has adopted this “let the chips fall where they may” attitude towards parenting. Nowadays, kids parent themselves, or worst than that; we pay other people to do it for us. When did it become okay to not take your own kid to the park? I mean, I get it. Everyone is busy. Some more than others. But we all have our shit to do. But is that shit worth missing the smile on your kid’s face?

And i’m not saying that you quit your job and just hang out with your kid. But for a kid to respond that way to me, after just meeting him 10 minutes prior, it’s fairly obvious to me he is being starved for male attention. Once again, I don’t know his dad, so I can’t comment on the relationship, maybe he was just having an emotional day. Kids, do that. But it really hurt me to see the sadness and hear the screams as we walked away.

I don’t pretend to be the perfect dad. I am not. I don’t make the most money, and we don’t have a lot of expensive shit. But if there is one thing that I learned from own my father, it’s that there is no substitute for showing up. Just be there. You dont have to be perfect. But just be there. Make an effort. Your kid will appreciate it. Believe me.

Kids don’t need you to be perfect. Kids just need you to be there. Be in their corner. I can’t explain to you the pure joy I feel when my daughter is playing on her mat near me and she looks up and smiles at me. Believe me. Spend some quality time with your kids. Time spent with your child is never wasted. Someday soon, you’ll be left wondering where all the time went.




Has the world gone mad? (Orthorexia Nervosa debate)

I remember reading somewhere early last year that there had been this doctor who wrote a paper about an eating disorder related to the idea of only wanting to eat the purest food. I must have read it and wrote it off as rubbish because I hadn’t really thought about it again until now. Not sure why, sometimes things just inspire me. Turns out, there IS a doctor who orthorexia-imagehas devoted quite a great deal of time to diagnosing people who suffer from the affliction of not wanting to poison their bodies with inadequate, inefficient, downright poisonous foods. Sounds like a waste of time to me. In his paper, he admits that he isn’t attacking vegans or health food lover’s “per se” but the proof is in the pudding my friend.

Orthorexia nervosa. Do you have it? Do you even know what it is? Apparently, there are two criteria you have to meet in order to qualify as suffering from ON. You can go to www.orthorexia.com to find those out. imgres-3The requirements are a bit ambiguous and derogatory as you would expect, but that’s not what caught my eye. Check out what it says at the bottom. What the hell. I’ll even quote it for you.

“Other traits are commonly associated with ON in the literature. While the authors feel that these are not essential to making the diagnosis, they may help confirm it. These include obsessive focus on food choice, planning, purchase, preparation, and consumption; food regarded primarily as source of health rather than pleasure; distress or disgust when in proximity to prohibited foods; exaggerated faith that inclusion or elimination of particular kinds of food can prevent or cure disease or affect daily well-being; periodic shifts in dietary beliefs while other processes persist unchanged; moral judgment of others based on dietary choices; body image distortion around sense of physical “impurity” rather than weight; persistent belief that dietary practices are health-promoting despite evidence of malnutrition.”

Did you read it? So basically, if you take pride in planning and creating healthy meals for you and your family, realize that food is your primary source of nutrition, become annoyed at the amount of innocent (yet dead), animal carcass on display pretty much everywhere you turn, and hold the belief, that eating well can make you feel better (due the to nourishment your body gets from whole, organic foods), then you qualify for ON. I shit you not. Where are the “emoji eyes” when you need them? At first, I 714thought this was a joke, but apparently, they are really serious about this. I, however, have a few concerns.

Is it really necessary to distinguish between normal anorexia and anorexia on health food? Either way, you aren’t receiving nearly as much nutrients as you should be so what is the difference? Why create an entirely new label for those psychotically starving themselves on health food? Was it purely to create another reason to discriminate against those who chose to eat real food? I wouldn’t be surprised if the processed food industry was somehow involved in this. It seems rather obvious to me now that this could very well be a last gasp effort in a hope to save some of their rapidly dwindling market share. In the past 10 or so years, organic food has become increasingly popular as awareness to just what the hell we have been putting in our bodies has risen. What better way to confuse the populace than to make “the obsessive eating of real food” into some sort of disorder.

So now, not only are we conspiracy theorists, but now we are clinically defined as mentally ill? It’s worth noting that no test exists to see if you are orthorexic. A doctor can ask you a series of questions, and based on your answers decide whether you are orthorexic or not. It could be as simple as eating a snicker bar or a hamburger from good ‘ole Mickey D’s. I wouldn’t eat a snicker bar or anything from “McDeath” nowadays because I know what’s in it but does that make me orthorexic? Or crazy?

Indeed, I admit that some people may develop some extreme habits and become a bit closed off from society, but so do the sick and dying! Have you ever been around a person dying of a terminal illness? Wouldn’t you call some of their obsessive “pill taking” extreme? Do they ever go…anywhere? No. The only time they even leave their house is to go see a doctor or some sort of “specialist”. To me, dying of a curable, lifestyle-created, chronic disease is extreme, especially when you have the ability to cure yourself by ingesting less poisonous chemicals and more real food.

I also find it a bit ironic that now with gun control laws set to go in effect in the US next month medical doctors are now set with the right to consider anyone mentally insane and refuse them the right to owning a gun. (Americans, this part is for you) I find it a bit odd that “refusing to eat bullshit food” i.e. “being vegan” could now land you in the mental hospital and strip you of your second amendment right8acca524a5befb628b1bf78b6d503f09

If basking in the benefits of enjoying real, nutritious food and choosing not to poison myself with substandard, nutrient-deficient food is wrong, then I give ZERO fucks about being right.






Are you kidding? (The Public breastfeeding debate)

Aren’t we a bit hypocritical? Just a bit?

I wouldn’t have thought I would meet my threshold for bullshit so soon in 2016, yet here I am on the 23rd of january, already had enough of it. Just watched a video of some assholes publicly berating a mother breastfeeding on a bench. Apparently some people have a problem with new mothers feeding their children in public as it may arouse sexual urges among men. Umm…Are you kidding?

There is so much wrong with this point of view. I’m not even sure where to start. I mean, aside from the fact that breast milk in its purest form (straight from the boob) is a baby’s best chance at developing a strong Amazing Benefits of Breastfeeding for Babies Copy (4)immune system, digestive system, endocrine system, and central nervous system, but maybe, I’m missing the point. The point here was that it was too sexually stimulating to men, correct?

So, it’s okay to have half or fully nude woman on posters overlooking highways to promote tires and “gentlemen clubs”(ok. whorehouses)? It’s okay to have rather dangerous (if tried at home) and graphic porn just a click away (for anyone) on any mobile or laptop pretty much anywhere you get wifi? It’s okay to have celebrities parade around half nude at award shows (that are on tv I might add), but it’s not ok when a woman partially exposes, not even fully exposes her chest (the baby actually hides the nipple while it is sucking, so partially expose her bosom) for a maximum of 20 minutes in public? Are you FUCKING kidding?

Are we animals? We do realize that this is how mothers feed the

d2f67805696c1fca9588f3a1451be346future generations, correct? There’s really no way around it. We aren’t robots. We’re not machines. We can’t just go to the gas station and fill her up! We’re mammals. So we breastfeed. When the children are hungry, they need to eat! (sn: if you are wondering about why I didn’t mention the “infant formula” option, maybe this blog isn’t for you.)

Why the hell do men (and some women, apparently) all of a sudden have a problem with women exposing their breasts anyways? Being a dad and a human, it saddens me that mothers are treated this way. It’s as if society chooses “comfort” over providing the best opportunity for our younger generation to thrive. All because some men may not be able to handle seeing an exposed nipple? ARE YOU KIDDING?

The sexual element is a terribly weak argument. Men need to control their urges. Its that simple. We need to normalize public breastfeeding. It’s not meant to arouse you, it’s meant to nourish our kids. We like to think that we are this “evolved” species. Well we need to start fucking acting like it.